5 Steps – From order taking to sales:

  1.  Know your products.  You can’t offer something you know very little or nothing about.  Learn about all of the products and services your financial institution has to offer.  What makes them unique? How do they work? What does it take to sign up?   You want to make sure you know everything there is to know.  Set a goal of learning one product or service per week.  Test yourself. Ask questions like, in what situation would this product or service benefit me?
  2. Know your members.  How well do you know your members?  People consistently call and are in and out of the branches daily. Do you recognize them?  Do you remember their names?  Do they have children?  Do they have pets?  What are their hobbies or interests?  You do not need to know every detail; however, you need to call them by name, and know at least 2 personal facts about their lives.  Knowing your members basic interests and habits will help you later when suggesting them a product or service.
  3. You are helping them.  Once you know your products and members you can help them.  Look at their profiles.  What products and services do they currently have?  If you were them what could you use?  Really take a deep dive and think about what you have to offer that will make their daily lives easier, gain a higher interest, or help them afford that next thing they have been talking about.
  4. You are suggesting not selling.  Sometimes the word selling will give people cold feet.  You are not going door to door and selling candy bars.  You have a relationship with the member, you know their profile, and you know the products that will help them the most.  What you are doing is suggesting a service or product to the member that you know would give them some type of benefit.  When finishing your suggestion explain how easy it is to get that product or service.   Chances are the member is going to take your suggestion.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice.  Edna comes in every Thursday afternoon to do her weekly banking.  You have established a relationship with her already.  You have looked up her profile to see what accounts and services she currently has.  You know two products that would be very beneficial. Practice it.  Do not practice it in your head. Say it out loud, how does it sound?  Roll play with someone.  Ask yourself the questions you would ask if you were Edna.  Having all the information, and answers ahead of time will build your inner confidence.  Practicing with someone will build your outer confidence. Now you are no longer an order taker you are someone who helps out your members by suggesting options that will be beneficial to their needs.

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