Quabbin Mining Company is a division of Athol Credit Union in Athol, MA. Founded in 1930, Athol Credit Union has 7000 members and assets of over $88 million. Known as an innovator, we recently introduced Quabbin Online Credit Union (www.quabbinocu.com), an Internet-only credit union designed to offer high-interest savings products to prospects within our trading area but out of reach of our branch network.

Quabbin Mining Company is also a reflection of our understanding of the needs of credit unions, particularly in these difficult and costly marketing times. Prospects for all credit unions have become more difficult and expensive to reach. Quabbin Mining offers an exciting alternative to traditional marketing efforts by employing customized and economical direct marketing programs that “speak credit union,” both to the institution and to the prospect. Our ability to customize and at the same time, reflect your brand personality is unequaled in the industry.