Tewksbury Federal Credit Union

Dear Quabbin Mining,

We would like to thank you for making our car loan promotion so successful.  We have seen triple the dollar volume during the two months the promotion ran compared to the prior two months.  Our members gave us positive feedback from their experiences with your representatives, which is very important to us.  We were also pleased with the flexibility you had with us in everything from the writing of the script to the timing of the promotional calls.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.


Shelley M. Robinson, CCUE/CEO


North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce

March 11, 2013

Dear Liz, Shawn and Kevin,

What an incredible, truly incredible in my opinion, outreach job Quabbin Mining Company did for building enthusiasm and positive feelings toward our Chamber, the North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce, located in Athol, MA.

We asked for Elizabeth Hardison’s help with following-up on a mailing we had done. Honestly, I was concerned to have others call “my” members, as I didn’t want to ostracize anybody or run the risk of a member receiving an obnoxious, droning “sales call” during which your name is completely butchered and the caller is completely uninterested in the callee. That would be awful and an inaccurate reflection of how we feel about our members; we respect them and their time and need to treat them courteously at all times. However, I desperately needed the ACU’s Call Center’s help, and was convinced by Board Members who had worked with your Call Center that Liz’s team would be pleasant, personable and professional.

Wow, were they! I received several calls from our Board Members, Ambassadors and Chamber Members with “Oh, Rachel was so lovely,” and “I was surprised at how pleasant they were on the phone, and they got me thinking about whom I could refer to you and these names came to me…” Your Call Center just did a stellar job.

Not only that, but Liz kept in touch daily via phone and sent me detailed reports with results, quoted responses, and updates to my listings – just a fantastic job all around. I was so astonished that my mere “thank you” seemed too lame and so I whipped up my top-secret espresso brownies and picked up some bright flowers and dropped them off to the team. Upon completion of all the call-backs, she sent me a comprehensive report in a spreadsheet format which was easy to download into my database.

The way the calls were made helped move us forward; our job is to support and strengthen the community, both for profit and not-for-profit organizations, and so when we do our job well both companies and residents benefit. We are extremely impressed and grateful for the work that Quabbin Mining Company did for us and our community.



Maria Bull, Member Services Coordinator
North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce
427 Main Street
Athol, MA 01331
Phone: 978/249-3849 ext. 305

Quabbin Online Credit Union

Dear Quabbin Mining Company,

Working with you made launching our online branch easy.  You really took the time to work with us step by step and learn what our needs were and what message we wanted to send. A direct mail and email campaign was designed and followed up with direct personal calling that really spoke to our members and non-members.  With their help and expertise we were able to generate over 3 million in new deposits right from the start.  Thank you Quabbin Mining we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Marty Anderholm

Director, QOCU

Athol Credit Union

Over 13 years ago Athol Credit Union made the decision to build a contact center.  Since then it has produced over $11 million in loans that we otherwise would have never acquired.  Besides the additional loans, the contact center allowed us to build strong-long lasting relationships with our members.  Now our contact center is known as Quabbin Mining Company and they continue to originate loans, deposits, and other cross-sales for us and other credit unions. 

Athol Credit Union