Direct Mail Marketing

Mining more business from present customers and bringing in new ones requires using all the channels at your disposal. One of the most tried and true ways to do that is through direct mail. It is less expensive and much more targeted than general print or broadcast advertising and it can take many forms and travel through a variety of channels.

At the very core of a direct marketing effort is the mule that is your monthly statement. It is the perfect and inexpensive way to reach your present members. At Quabbin Mining, we create statement stuffers that don’t get relegated to the wastebasket. You supply the product or service. We do everything else – create and design the collateral, procure lists, do any and all database management and then print and mail as well.

In addition, we are experts in all other kinds of direct marketing efforts that can be employed with present members or prospects. We can write substantial and sincere letters, create post postcards, brochures and even member kits.

Whatever your direct marketing needs are, Quabbin Mining delivers them better.