Direct Personal Calling

Whether used alone or in concert with our other direct services, our Direct Personal Calling programs provide a cost-effective way to reach both current and potential new members.

Our Certified Member Service Specialists make every call a personal and high quality communication. Our calls are designed first to build relationships, then to educate, inform,  cross-sell, and survey your members. Our team specializes in credit union products. There are no “ums” and “ahs” in a Quabbin Mining call. Our Specialists know their products and more importantly, how the product benefits a particular member. They are as trusted and comfortable as any in-branch member representative and are carefully chosen and trained for their friendly, non-intrusive telephone personalities.

Another aspect that adds to the success of our Direct Personal Calling effort is our superior database management. By doing our homework up front we avoid the haphazard practices demonstrated by most telemarketing companies. In short, our response is better because our list is more refined, and we put only the best telephone personalities on the phone. Quabbin Mining Direct Personal Calling is a valuable tool because it puts a real, friendly and educated voice on one end of the line, a voice that can both sell your product and represent your good brand name.