How do you stand out?

Do you stand out in the eyes of your customers?  How do potential customers find you?  Once they find you, how do they perceive you?  This article discusses a couple “stand out” strategies businesses of all types should adopt and the only cost is time and commitment.

Let us start with how people find your business.  An internet and social media presence is a necessity in this day and age.  Many businesses give up on social media because they feel it does not work.  On the contrary it works exceptionally well; however, it does not happen overnight.  It could take months before you see a return from social media and just creating an account does not make you “stand-out” or even get noticed.  Quick fact, 47% of Twitter accounts are inactive and 11% of Facebook accounts are inactive.   These tools should be used to build relationships and in order to accomplish that you have to post and tweet information consistently.  Make sure you are posting things that your target market will find valuable and interesting.  Remember you can’t give up, it takes time, but it does work.

How do people perceive your business?  If you answered “we have the best prices” or “the best rates” then you have not achieved customer loyalty just short term profits.  If your answer to that question did not pertain to great customer service that should be your starting point.  People are fickle; there is always a better deal or rate out there. The best way to build your business is by building relationships with your customers.  Focus on customer service and what their needs are.  Reach out to your customers by phone, mail, email, and social media with valuable information or offers.  For success, aim for “stand-out” customer loyalty and long term profits and growth.

Another way to increase your business and loyalty is the way you handle customer complaints and issues.  If there is a problem do not give people the run around, fix it as quickly and as easily for the customer as possible.   Do not just solve the problem; go above and beyond your customers’ expectations with “stand-out” service.  Word of mouth is powerful.  The way businesses handle complaints will either make or break their business.

So get out there and focus on committing to social media.  Commit to focusing on true, genuine customer service and hire the right people to accomplish that.  And my last piece of advice would be to create a culture that whenever there are any type of customer interaction you and your team is asking yourselves what can be done to WOW this person.

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