Increasing Direct Mail Responses

Direct Mail can be an effective way to reach current members and non-members. The results can also be difficult to track. If you send out 5,000 pieces, how many actually get looked at? How will you know? This is where making a follow up phone call helps. A call can be made to not only answer those questions, but also increase your opportunity of closing. This great opportunity gives you a chance to explain your mailing and also get instant market feedback about your product or service. This invaluable information can be used next time you go to do a direct mailing.
Studies show that the typical response rate for a direct mailing is between 1-2%. When direct mail is coupled with a follow up phone call, the response rate increases to 10-12%. The response rate can be even higher if you happen to be calling on your own members. Your members are 70- 75% more likely to accept your phone call when it is from the financial institution they already do business with.

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