Want instant market feedback? Why not ask your members?

Instant market feedback, especially from your current members can be priceless. With a well written script and a courteous, professional caller, your members are willing to talk to you. Many people hesitate to reach out to their own members with fear of being invasive. I can tell you, if you are reaching out to them to get their feedback about a product or service that would have a direct impact on their personal financial goal, they’ll talk to you.
About two years ago, we performed a Thank you – Survey – Sell Campaign for Athol Credit Union. ACU wanted to find out what their members wanted more: increased lobby hours, website with online banking, or a drive up teller. The contact rate with the members was tremendous, over 80% of the membership talked to us. Why? Because they were being asked about something that would directly impact them.
Coupled with thanking them for their continued business and surveying what would be more beneficial to them, we also made a sales pitch. We pitched different products and services depending on the demographic of the household we were callings. Some were informed about a CD special; some were informed about a fee-free checking account.
You may be asking what ACU did with their feedback. Well, they decided to implement a website with online banking and build a drive up teller lane. The members concern about increasing lobby hours was addressed by opening the drive up teller two hours early than the lobby opens.

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