Why E-Mail Marketing?

E-Mail marketing can be an efficient and inexpensive way to reach out to your current or potential members. Whether you want to add current members to your social media site, increase the subscribers to your monthly news letter, or inform them about an upcoming product special, email is a great tool.
E-Mail blasts usually come with great tracking capabilities as well. In addition to finding out how many opened your email, you can also track how many people clicked on the link to your website. I also recommend having Google Analytics on your website too! It is a great way to track how many people visit your website, where on their website they go, and how long they stay there.
Typical response rate for an e-mail blasts are around 1-2%, same as a direct mailing, but at a much cheaper price. With a well written e-mail and a targeted list, it’s a great tool that could have a cost-saving impact on your budget.

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